Information about the church until the Coronavirus period is over.

What will ‘church’ be like?
A lot of work has gone into planning how we can worship together in church and still keep each other safe.  This means that although some of the restrictions have been removed it will still be different from what we are used to for a while yet.
Outside the chuch please observe social distancing.  On entering, please wait to be seated.  Chairs are arranged with 1 metre distance between rows and you should be seated with one empty chair between each 'bubble', e.g. family group.  There is a small area reserved for anybody preferring to sit with two empty chairs between each bubble.  With this arrangement we expect to be able to seat a minimum of 60 people.
It will be lovely to see each other, but please remember not to shake hands or hug!
We will enter one person/family group at a time, using the main church door.  Inside the church we will follow a one-way system.

Will I need to tell someone that I am planning to attend?
Yes.  This would be really helpful, since our space is limited and it is essential for us to plan seating.  Please contact Sandra Farnfield (01962 881125 or, preferably before 6:00 p.m. on the preceding Friday.

What do I need to do when I come in?
Make sure you are wearing a mask, correctly positioned to cover your nose and mouth.  If you have forgotten your mask, we will have a supply which you can use.
Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you come in.
We were required by law to complete a register of everyone attending our service for Track & Trace purposes but although this is now optional we are continuing to do so for a while to ensure that we can provide the information if it is needed.  We will check your details as you arrive and you can also tell us about your plans for the next week.
The offering will not be taken up during the service; instead please leave your offering in the collection basket at the entrance.

Where can I sit?
A steward will help you find a seat.  Please do not sit with anyone who is not in your household or family group.
Please remember that we need to use the whole space to fit everyone in safely and you may not be able to sit in your usual seat.

Can I hang up my coat?
No, please place your coat and any other personal possessions on the seat next to you.
N.B.  We will need to have external doors and windows open throughout the service to maintain adequate airflow, so it may well be quite chilly in the church as we move into Autumn.  You may want to wear warm clothes!

Should I pick up a hymn book or bible?
No.  However, if you want to follow the words of a hymn they will be displayed on the screen as usual or you can, of course, bring your own hymn book and bible.  
You must wear a mask in church but now you may sing provided you are wearing your mask.

What if I am doing a reading?
If you are doing a reading in the service, please bring your own bible or printed copy of the reading and take it home with you afterwards.
Please stand at the lectern to read.  You will need to wear your mask when walking to and from the lectern, but once you are standing there you may remove it to read.

Will we be having Holy Communion?
Usually on the first Sunday in the month.  Consult the calendar on this website for the details.  The entry in the calendar will indicate when it is a HC service.

How long will the service last?
Services may be a little shorter than usual - probably between 45 and 60 minutes.

Can I use the toilet?
Yes.  Separate toilets will be available for women and men.  Please look out for signs, or ask a steward.  Handwash and antiviral cleaner will be available for you to wipe down any surfaces you have touched.

What if I feel unwell?
Please do not come to church if you feel at all unwell.  If you are taken ill during the service please take your possessions and go straight to the Foyer where a steward will attend to you.

What happens at the end of the service?
The minister/preacher will leave and after he/she has left, stewards will then direct the rest of the congregation to leave, one household at a time, via the main door.  So please stay in your seat until asked to move and keep your mask on, taking care to remain at least one metre from others, until you are outside and well away from the church.
Hand sanitiser will be available for use as you exit.
Please disperse quickly from the church as you leave and do not stay and chat.

What happens about the cleaning?
At the close of worship, stewards will wipe down ‘used’ surfaces and contract cleaners will follow with a deep clean.

Access to Live-streamed Services

Live-streamed services are available from a number of Methodist churches.  Details can be found at

Services are also available from other churches in the Winchester Eastleigh and Romsey Circuit:

United Church, Winchester
Sunday 10:30

St Andrews, Eastleigh Methodist Church
Sunday 10:30

Romsey Methodist Church
Sunday 10:30


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