Who are we?

As in most Methodist churches, lay people play an important part in the life of the church.   Everyone's contribution is important and many important roles are filled by church members.

The following are the principal office holders, i.e. members of the Church Council, at Wesley:

Minister Rev Ruth Fry  
Church Stewards Gordon Dixon (also Multimedia Team Leader and Webmaster)
  Nick Langham (also a Local Preacher)
  Anil Pasad  
  Paul Yarrien Senior Steward
Church Officers Rosemary Black Safeguarding Officer
  Cynthia Bryant Church Council Secretary
  Sandra Farnfield Pastoral Secretary
  Andrew Honess Property Steward
  Richard Rogers Treasurer
  Jan Stanbury Music Co-ordinator
  Brenda Yarrien Youth@Wesley
Elected Representatives Lynne Atkin  
  Janet Cunningham  
  Jennifer Dixon  
  Edmund Hodgkinson  
  Sue Lightfoot  
  Margaret Rogers  
  Eileen Tilby Representative at Circuit Meeting
  2 Vacancies  
Co-opted John Evans Circuit Steward Representative


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